View Full Version : Hi form St Cyrus (AberdeenShire)

13-01-2010, 12:27 PM
This is the North-East Scotland Calling.

Hello, I'm Andy AKA MAd4x4 you'll find me on Difflock.com & Locostbuilders.co.uk for starters

Been Club offroading for about 4 Years and have heard about COTAG up here even tried to make contact (still awaitng response) .

Live on the caost near St Cyrus which is in scotland about 35 Miels south of Aberdeen so very close to the entrance to the Glens on the south side of the Cairngorms.

Thought I join in the Banter here

Vehicles : Ford Ranger Double Cab with MT's( Daily runner) , Modified Hybrid Ranger rover (1974) with ARB;s & Twin Winches, Modified SJ 413 With Winch and a Suzuki Jimny on At's (Daily Runner)

nigel leyland
13-01-2010, 12:48 PM
Hi Andy, welcome to the forum.....there are currently group forming plans afoot in Scotland in addition to expansion and possibly reshaping of existing groups.....but I know little more than that!

You should be able to get some assistance on here with contacting your local group, it may be that you contacts are out of date or whatever......I'm sure someone will be along that's a lot more help than I...soon!


13-01-2010, 04:06 PM
I had an email yesterday from the team leader with details of a prospective member for our Lothians group, one of the things mentioned was that they had a lot of interest from there new website and media publicicty (they have been very active due to the weather) It probably taking a little longer than normal to process these.