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02-11-2008, 09:49 PM
Welcome to the 4x4 Response Forum:

Please remember this is an information resource for a voluntary service and we would ask that you use your first and last names as a user name when registering, or FirstnameTeamname. There is a box to enter your Amateur Radio call sign. Please enter your real name in the box labelled 'Real Name'. If the real name is not present in either the login or the extra profile box, then registration may not be completed, or we may accept registration and then ask you to add your real name! For instance Fred Flinstone might register as Fred.Flintstone or Fred.Bedrock or Fred.Bedrock4x4Response.

If any member needs their user name changed to comply with the guidelines please PM a member of the admin team.

Please let us know which team (if any) you are a member of; maybe you are a member of a colleague agency either voluntary or statutory, please let us know. There is an option to add this at the time of registration.

The boring legal bits:

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