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John Norrish
20-02-2009, 07:31 PM
Have seen Bob on other sites and asked if there were any Response peeps arround the Southampton Hampshire area, that I could possibly join (to offset the boredome) he did sugest one, and also sugested I came and said hello here and take a look arround, I have a Range Rover P38, some may laugh it has its quirks but has never let me down :? yet. I am medically retired at 48 :( (but can still get arround) I used to look after a fleet of coaches and heavy plant, I like photography any 4x4 and my boat, unfortunately I cant launch it on my own and the last two times it has got to the water it has relied on a seagull outboard to get home, quite embarrasing with a 185bhp Merc inboard sat in it :roll: Oh I have five kids from my first marriage and inherited one with my second wife, but I love them all in a perculier sort of death wish way :shock: and I can talk for England sorry. :oops:

20-02-2009, 07:36 PM
Welcome John

I look after the training for the wales group

Hope you get sorted soon

Tony Ferrari
20-02-2009, 08:26 PM

Welcome on board (oops! sorry about the pun) :roll:


20-02-2009, 08:43 PM
Hi John

Nice to see you here. I'm sure that PJ or one of the others from Hampshire will pop by soon.

Mick Ghost
20-02-2009, 08:44 PM
Hi John - I'm from Gosport, and am part of the Hants & Berks 4x4 Response (http://www.hampshire4x4response.co.uk). We're having a meeting/training day at the end of March, up at Tidworth - you'd be more than welcome; the P38 Rangey makes a great passenger bus in awful conditions - I should know, I used to own one ... ;)

Teresa Herefordshire
20-02-2009, 10:35 PM
Hi John

Welcome and hope you like it here. :D

... I can talk for England sorry. :oops:

I've been told I can talk for England ... and Wales! ;)

22-02-2009, 09:55 AM
Hello and Welcome!

John Norrish
28-12-2009, 07:22 PM
Sorry peeps i went awol for a while, no aparent reason except taking on a series rebuild selling the boat and trying to keep the P38 on the road, and not being too well, Land Rovers who would have them :roll:

28-12-2009, 07:25 PM
BJ welcome back,

Have you contacted Hants & berks yet?

Mick Ghost
28-12-2009, 09:24 PM
What's the snag with the P38???

Tony Ferrari
28-12-2009, 10:54 PM
P38 is a bit modern for me (old LSE), but great bus...

have fun


I think Alasdair will ave to eat his words...

He now has a P38 :mrgreen:

Hope both you and the Rangie are not too bad, if you are still thinking of joining Hants & Berks, Axel Sedig (http://www.4x4response.info/forum/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=562) is now your man, PJ having moved to Germany

nigel leyland
03-01-2010, 09:26 PM
Well hello "BJ"..... :D

Good to see you on here, hope things are going well with you and yours..........about time you took the plunge mate :D

I'm sure which ever group you join are going to enjoy you're sense of humour :D

Nigel. (Smoggy)

John Norrish
12-01-2010, 08:44 AM
Hi peeps, been reading the above and having a quiet chuckle, not on here too much as you can see but I can say ime totally fed up with the snow and our local "Church" I volunteered to help with transport etc etc, using the P38 home visits and the like, and got a lot of who do you think you are and we have to do a police check etc, well went home draged out my last police check (used to drive coaches and the off chance I did a school run you have to be vetted) and that wasnt any good for them, so I muttered a few un christian words and left, yesterday their mini bus was stuck, usual thing driver didnt have a clue and polished the ice, as I was passing I drove over and towed them onto firm ground, not a thankyou, funny lot peeps can be? Ime still looking to help, but havnt yet made it to any meetings, not through not wanting to but the wife usually has things for me to do, ive lost the P38 the last week as Sharon works in Portsmouth and got stuck in last Tuesdays fall of snow, so all of a sudden the "Tank" as she calls it is usefull, now if I can get her to tow the caravan........................................... .......

I noticed some peeps asked the problems ive had with the P38, well some on here will probably be fed up with the tale of woe from LRBoards, but heres a brief run down.

The engine kept missing not violent but enough to be annoying, so although 2.5 years ago the coil pack and h/t leads were replaced I decided to do them again, It has the later engine that is fitted into the last of what I would call the true Range Rover, is it the L332? it appears mine was a test mule for most of the electrics as well, go to Land Rover for parts and nowt fits :( (with hindsight I should have had it put on a diognostic machine sooner than I did) dont know if we can recomend firms on here but I was recomended to take it to West 4X4 at Bishopstoke one man band but excelent service.

Told you I could talk for England!!

Before it started missing I had changed the spark plugs NGK platinum, done all this still missed, took it after pulling my hair out to west 4X4 he diognosed No 1 cylinder duff plug, he had an NGK in stock we fitted it and it was fine, got to the end of his yard started to miss again, short story another plug, I had a duff set, went to the suppliers got another set fitted them, within a week same thing, decided to phone NGK help desk they knew of the problem, you need a colder running plug here is the part number, well went to buy them 20-00 each, I thought dear me, anyhow we talked and decided to try a set of old Bosch tri electrode plugs WR6DC, infact the owner of the suppliers gave me a set and is sending the other 16 back, well the upshot, works perfectly, bloody Land Rovers, its now got a severe oil leak cant keep water in it but we love it.