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Gil Martin
24-07-2016, 04:12 PM
Dear all

Does anyone know why none of the 4x4 Response teams or other volunteer groups have been mobilised in Kent re the traffic gridlock.

For someone with 30 years police and emergency experience, not to mention putting in place County emergency volunteer capability across Surrey , I find it incredible that Kent's vast capability not to mention the mutual aid available to them from Sussex and Surrey is not being utalised .

Well done to the Coastguard and Ravinder's charity ' Khalsa Aid' from SLOUGH who provided water?

This is a serious UK humanitarian aid situation and yet as far as I could see none of the local Voluntary groups with MOU's were being used.



24-07-2016, 04:34 PM
I think at this point the last thing they need is more vehicles on the roads. Theyre having trouble with access for emergencies themselves and are having to take vast detours, so one thing they don't want to see on the hard shoulder ahead is yet another vehicle when they're trying to press on. Its not like Stack with neatly parked vehicles and relatively good access.

And its not a serious humanitarian aid situation. Food, water and medical access haven't yet become a problem.

Edit - since the above post Ive spoken with my Brother who's in Kent police (as was I before transferring out). Apparently before they'd even requested it a Luton based aid charity volunteered their vehicles and supplied bottled water, and Khalsa Aid too, so they've got it in hand already. As it stands though he says its not a big deal. Most vehicles are transiting the county within 4 hours, and the need for further support hasn't become acute enough to request it. It seems the biggest problem is the lack of somewhere to take a dump.

24-07-2016, 07:42 PM
Members from SE4x4R have been supporting the Emergency services today but as per the post above traffic today has been held up for no more than 1-3 hours and adding to the traffic issues is a big problem