View Full Version : Mountain Mayhem 24hr cycle race. Market Harborough

18-06-2019, 08:54 AM
Hi folks.
New here so please be kind !
Iím from Leicestershire & Rutland Response.
Weíre in need of bodies to man some marshal points for the above race.
Please read the following.

To all members.
Itís the mountain mayhem 24hr cycle race next weekend and we still havenít got enough volunteers to meet requirements. We have a possible 14 which will allow us to man 7 marshal points.
We desperately need another 8 members to volunteer, even if you canít do the whole weekend ! Anytime you could give would be helpful.
Itís Saturday midday to Sunday midday. (camping)I know itís short notice but if we make a good showing of this and get it every year itíll be a sizeable chunk of cash in the groups account every year. A bit off roading and a chance to camp under the stars!
Come on folks, if youíve nothing else planned why not give it a go !

Ian Street