View Full Version : Dave White - Humber Yorks - Hi!

Dave White
13-08-2008, 07:36 AM

Sorry took me a while to get round to registering - I'm a Controller from Humber Yorks Group, been in since the first few weeks of the offical group which like Simon says seems longer that the 15 odd months I have been up to this!

I drive a Purple Defender 110 200tdi - presume seen some of you guys at Glouscester - it is pretty standard underneath but also has factory fitted winch and 5kVA generator...

I am an Electronics/Software Engineer for a living - working for myself - which is nice cos usually I can just drop everything shouuld the need arise...

I also restore fire fighting equipment for a hobby so have a 109 fire engine in the garage (in bits), and a colection of light pumps (erm 8 of them) some in service some not!

Dave White
13-08-2008, 07:41 AM
Fire engine hmm - well one day - hope to get MOT this winter when I get under it and finish the chassis and rebuild the brakes... but time will tell - also extending the house so sure that will eat some of my time up...!