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How do I get involved?

Check under Group Register and find the group that covers your area. There should be a link to their website and/or email address. From here should be able to gain membership details and contact the group. If you canít find the information contact us and we will be able to put you in touch with your local group.

There doesnít seem to be a group where I live?

New groups are in the process of forming and existing groups may be expanding; so keep watching this website for information. If you live near the border of another group, consider contacting them as you may be able to assist in their area or they may already be providing cross border support. Sign up for the forum where you can get advice on who operates where.

Can I join the forum if Iím not in a group?

Yes and itís a good way of learning about us before you commit, you will have a limited access level until such time as you join a group. We also have classes of membership for recognised user groups such as Category One Responders and other Voluntary Aid Organisations and you can become a trade member. Please contact us for further information

There is no group near me but I think I am ready to start my own group?

Whilst we do encourage new groups where coverage is needed there are very few areas where this is the case. If you are genuinely in an area without cover please do not underestimate the amount of work that can be involved in starting a group. Try contacting the nearest group to see if you can start up as satellite group to extend their area of coverage, they may already be planning to do this. Starting up under the umbrella of an existing group can save a lot of work.

There is a group in my County/Area but I want to start my own?

As a National organisation we do not accept groups being set up to rival others. This does not present us in a professional light and will be unacceptable to the Emergency Responders who will use us. If an established group is already working with its Local Resilience Forum they are highly unlikely to accept another group in the same area so you may be doomed to fail. If you feel an existing group does not adequately cover your part of the County/Area, then please approach them to see about get involved in a new branch of that group rather than trying to go it alone, they may already have other potential members in your area that you can link up with.

Where are there gaps in the Network?

As of January 2011 4x4 Response groups exist in all areas of England, some areas are still forming so coverage may not yet be complete but new members will be welcomed. West Midlands is one of our newest groups that was set up to fill the previous gap in Staffordshire, Shropshire and West Midlands, it is also expected that they will extend their coverage to Warwickshire.

In Scotland groups have been setting up in The Borders, Lothian and Highland regions and new groups have recently been started in the Strathclyde and Tayside regions. COTAG 4x4 Response is established in Moray and Aberdeenshire and whilst they are not part of the National Network are recognised by us.

Wales 4x4 Response is established in all areas of Wales, contact them via this website to see how you can get involved.

Manx 4x4 Response covers the Isle of Man.

No groups exist in Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland although we have received some interest in setting up groups there.
Contact us for details.

So to answer the question Are there gaps in the Network? The answer is yes but these are only in Dumfries & Galloway in Scotland, the Channel Islands, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. All other areas have 4x4 Response groups you may join.

I definitely want to start a new group, how do I proceed?

First you need members, a small core group of reliable volunteers is the best way to start, this may be from an existing club or organisation but many groups started purely as Response groups. We recommend you talk through the practicalities with the National Trustees before committing yourselves too fully. To proceed you should form a core committee and draw up a constitution, setting up a bank account for the group with at least two signatories, this can be used to handle membership fees, that we do recommend you introduce to provide initial funding. Please contact us to make sure there isnít another group already doing the same thing before you start setting up bank accounts, buying equipment or talking to responders. You could waste a lot of time, money and effort.

How do we become a formal member of 4x4 Response?

To achieve recognition from 4x4 Response and to progress to membership you must be in a new area not covered by an existing group. We would expect as a minimum that you already have a democratically elected committee, with a minimum of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. The group should have its own bank account that requires a minimum of two signatories and have a published constitution. (Examples are available for you to adapt and use). It is recognised that new teams may be keen to join but have not yet achieved this state of affairs; in this case we would expect that you are committed to this position being achieved within six to nine months of set up and that this is documented in your constitution or regulations.

Whatís the difference between 4x4 Response and Rover Rescue?

Not a lot, Rover Rescue is the precursor of 4x4 Response and we work in exactly the same way. However Rover Rescue is run as a section of an existing Land Rover Club; so is formed from existing members. 4x4 Response allows anyone to join directly and you can own any type of 4x4. In a few areas Rover Rescue and 4x4 Response do exist side by side but these are long standing arrangements and we would not encourage this for any new groups.

Do I get blue lights on my vehicle?

No we are not an emergency response, 4x4 Response supports the emergency services; we do not replace them in any way. In an emergency it is our vehicleís superior ability that gets us to the incident, we do not rely on blue lights to get us there. 4x4 Response members must comply with the law at all times. Many members use amber beacons on our vehicles for safety but this must always be in accordance with the Road Vehicle Lighting Regulations 1989, specifically Part III, Section 27(7).

Do I need a tricked up Land Rover challenge truck?

No, firstly you donít need a Land Rover as 4x4 Response welcomes any make of 4x4. The important thing is that the vehicle is capable of doing the job so for many situations a standard 4x4 will do just fine. Although many 4x4 Response members do own Land Rovers, we also have members with Shoguns, Land Cruisers, Fronteras, Delicias, Mavericks, Terranos and even vehicles as varied as Kia Sorrentos, Nissans Qashqais, Audi All Roads and Subaru Imprezas.

I am interested in 4x4 Response but I am not in a position to join a group?

See ďCan I join the forum if Iím not in a group?Ē above, we encourage supporters to get involved even if you are not a group member.

I want to be involved but I donít have a 4x4?

Donít worry; all groups need supporting members, these may be deployed as controllers, manning the phones, fundraisers or can help out at events, training etc. As long as you have an interest in 4x4 Response you can become involved.

I work full time and canít get time off work, so is there any point in joining?

Yes there is, donít worry as many of our members are in this situation and call-outs do not respect the working week. We may be called out at all times of day, however as other members may be able to be released from work, be self employed, work shifts or be retired we can usually provide cover around the clock.

If you have a question that isnít answered here please feel free to contact us.
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